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Duerr 81W

100.000 EUR

Duerr 81W The Automated Cleaning System Universal 81W is a low-cost, highly efficient system which, owing to its modular design, can be used for a very wide range of applications in cleaning parts.   The Universal 81W is suitable not only for removing oil and emulsion from mass-produced parts but also for the fine cleaning of assembly parts. All the cleaning stages use an immersion process and aqueous media.   Equipment and process
  • Cleaning and drying process in a vacuum-proof work chamber.
Work chamber is fed from the front, manually. Possibility of integration with automatic loading / unloading
  • Automatic work chamber door locking
  • Rotation and oscillation movements to support the cleaning and drying effect
  • Integrated full-flow filtration
  • Integrated oil separator
  • Siemens S7 PLC control system for custom programming of process sequences
  • Error diagnosis via plain text display on operator control panel
  • Closed system housing with maintenance doors for optimum access
  • Third flood tank for additional rinsing or preservation
  • Waste water-free operation due to integrated Aquaclean treatment unit
  • High-power injection flood washing
  • Ultrasonic unit
  • Vacuum drying
  • Cartridge filter for fine cleaning
  • Automatic basket lid placement
  • Compact design, ready to connect up
  • Multi-step washing/rinsing process with hot-air and vacuum drying
  • Waste water-free operation possible
  • All parts coming into contact with media are made of stainless steel
  • Plenty of scope for expansion due to modular design
      Dimensions and space requirements Dimensions and weight of the system : Machine dimensions (approx.) : Length (L) x Width (B) x Height (H): L 4200 mm x B 1800 mm x H 2300 mm   Setup dimensions (approx.) : Length (Lx) x Width (Bx) x Height (Hx): Lx 6000 mm x Bx 4700 mm x Hx 2900 mm   Weight (unfilled approx.) : Standard configuration 3500 kg Manual delivery system 200 kg   Safety clearance (S) : Maintain a minimum clearance of 600 mm to the system, also with opened doors. This is regulation for emergency exit routes on systems using potentially dangerous materials.     Performance specifications Batch size (max., approx.) 670 x 480 x 300 mm Batch weight (max., approx.) 150 kg Throughput (approx.): 6 Loads / hour Cycle time (approx.) :10 Minute(s) Loader height (manual loader): 850 mm Total fill capacity (approx.): 1950 Litre Work tank fill capacity (approx.): 240 Litre Flood tank 1 fill capacity (approx.) :550 Litre Flood tank 2 fill capacity (approx.): 450 Litre Flood tank 3 fill capacity (approx.): 450 Litre Aquaclean fill capacity (approx.): 500 Litre
  • Cycle time is adjustable.
  • Actual throughput will depend on:
− Part type − Degree of contamination − Type of cleaning process selected − Required treatment time
  • Estimated throughput: Maximum 6 batches/hour (using a batch weight of 150 kilograms).
    Electrical specifications Connected load (approx.) 46 – 77 kW Connected voltage 3 x 480V +N+PE+60Hz Current (approx.) 78 – 132 A Total Heating capacity (approx.): 14 – 69 kW Heating capacity FT1 (approx.): 7 kW Heating capacity FT2 (approx.): 7 kW Heating capacity FT3 (approx.): 14 kW Heating capacity Hot Air drying (approx.): 27 kW Heating capacity Aquaclean: 14 kW Vacuum pump 100 m³/h / 2,2 kW Torque flow pump 50 m³/h / 5,5 kW / 1,3 bar Flood pump 32 m³/h / 4,0 kW / 3,0 bar High performance-IFW-pump 36 m³/h / 5,5 kW / 3,6 bar Ultrasonic 4 x 1,5 Kw :       IMG_20190619_074531_resized_20190624_012209720_2 IMG_20190619_074531_resized_20190624_012209720 IMG_20190619_074453_resized_20190624_012210886 IMG_20190619_074254_resized_20190624_012211534 IMG_20190619_074228_resized_20190624_012210316

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