From the cultural touch of the Renaissance to the Digital Touch of Industry 4.0

There is much talk about “industry 4.0″. But few of us really know what this milestone in human innovation means, and how many other revolutions – many of them the result of Italian genius – preceded it. With the Renaissance and the discovery of America, western man set out to discover an unknown world waiting to be explored with a new thirst for knowledge: it was a Cultural Revolution which, a century later, would lead to the Scientific Revolution, which would signal a departure from the previous world order and lay the groundwork for the subsequent industrial revolutions. Revolution 1.0 transformed the thermal energy of steam into mechanical movement. Revolution 2.0 saw the development of electro-chemical energy and mass production. Revolution 3.0 brought information technology and automation to manufacturing processes. Now, in the dawn of the third millennium, the next stage is Digital industrial revolution 4.0, which is based on four fundamental principles:
  1. remote access and sharing (cloud), via the Internet, of huge amounts of data (big data), in many cases available to all (open data);
  2. the calculating capacity of machines capable of analysing data (analytics), to learn from data and modify processes autonomously (machine learning);
  3. interaction between man and machine with “touch” interfaces and augmented reality;
  4. new methods of interactive and interconnected production of goods and services (Internet of things), with additive manufacturing (3D printing), collaborative robots fitted with sensors and visual systems, machine-to-machine processes.
Nothing will be the same, which is why we must necessarily prepare for the coming changes. BROVEDANI: A 4.0 FACTORY CONNECTED TO THE FUTUREWe should all be concerned about the future, because we will have to spend the rest of our lives there.” The words of American inventor and entrepreneur Charles F. Kettering ring true to this day, as we stand at the digital crossroads which is Industry 4.0. Apart from the philosophical, ethical and social implications inevitably posed by major scientific and technological revolutions, it is vital that we face the challenge of a world in transformation which will leave those who are unprepared standing on the sidelines. How is Brovedani responding to the changes imposed by Industry 4.0? By introducing numerous innovations to the processes, to its organizational structure and to its very approach to the job, at all levels and as part of its complex international dynamics. Our 2018 Calendar is intended to highlight the main new features of BROVEDANI 4.0 as it evolves, but with the awareness of two factors: the difficulties in harnessing a fluid material which is transformed each and every day, and at the same time the need to be part of this future. The history of BROVEDANI teaches us that only those who are connected with the future can survive and flourish in the present.     CALENDAR – YEAR 2018| ENGLISH | DOWNLOAD CALENDAR – YEAR 2018| ITALIAN | DOWNLOAD CALENDAR – YEAR 2018| SLOVAK | DOWNLOAD CALENDAR – YEAR 2018| SPANISH | DOWNLOAD