Our Mission

We are able to apply excellence methodology to realize high precision mechanical parts and assure the highest quality standards to produce low and high volumes. Our flexibility, willingness to grow, interdisciplinarity, sharing of values and presence in many parts of the world assure a borderless partnership for our customers.

Our Vision

A leading company supplying solutions based on state of the art technologies, present all over the world where precision mechanics is a critical success factor. A company firmly rooted in its history and proud of its values, made up of people able to grow and join, open to new experiences and cultures to win the future.

Our Charter of Values

Our Customers and Value Chain

Clients and value chain Customer satisfaction is the central point on which we focus our company’s interests and energies, and represents the reason behind our quest for continuous improvement, which we strive to achieve in the most ethical fashion. The dedication, creativity, innovation and professional ethics in which we intend to progress, with the fullest involvement of our suppliers, is the basis of our Total Quality project, which is aimed at bringing a constant series of advantages to the entire value chain in a spirit of true partnership.

Human Resources (Internal Clients)

We consider human capital a great resource which is of vital importance. Every employee is offered the possibility of expressing his/her cultural, intellectual and human potential in a context of equal opportunities and where differences are respected. This means encouraging teamwork between people and groups and the development of individual leadership, with a human resource policy focused on listening to people, on confidentiality, on the quality of work, on training, on professional and career development, on evaluation and recognition, making it possible to delegate ever more responsibility to the most competent and motivated resources. The organizational context should constitute the most congenial background for the smooth integration of functions and skills oriented towards shared objectives. Our innovative technological development will make the working environment a safe and pleasant place with which our staff can readily identify.


The primary responsibility of a company is to generate wealth. Respecting the economic principle of profitability will guarantee our company’s consolidation and development and will protect the interest of all the shareholders. Therefore constant investment in innovation and capital return are key commitments that the Brovedani management must integrate creatively into an advanced strategic and management model.

Our role in the community

The role of Brovedani in our community does not end with the essential function of generating profits. It is our intention that the company, as an open system, should progress in line with the development of the community and the environment in which it operates. Brovedani will continue to promote the local economy and culture by creating and fostering specialist know-how and by supporting social initiatives. We will maintain our commitment to environmental protection.