Brovedani creativity is completely comprised in a fascinating twine of product and process, and in the powerful appeal of infinitesimal practical detail created by a remarkable array of dedicated machines and production systems. Brovedani employs 26 integrated processing technologies and specialised diversified levels of superior skill. A spark of genius can materialise only from such a complex set of factors.


A pioneer of Lean Management in Italy, Brovedani continues to arouse a shared awareness of each moment and every aspect of its production process, an awareness that extends to all areas in the organisation. This approach, which is symbolised by the acronym BLS (“Brovedani Lean System”), can be summed up as follows: the creation of value is achieved by being efficient and eliminating the unessential, which is possible only by way of an extended conscience that requires each individual to possess an attentive sense of responsibility


Brovedani’s achievements include recognition in the 1980s as an IBM Best Partner up to the 2011 and 2013 Delphi “Pinnacle Award”, which names Brovedani as one of the suppliers that have made the greatest contribution to the success of this giant American company. These goals were reached by a team that expresses and positively tests the potential of its talents, in ways that include innovative experiences such as “pilot work sites” for the development of new projects. For the people of Brovedani, this is the great challenge of ongoing invention


At Brovedani, a solution is sometimes not enough. Each problem encompasses a scenario of potentials and opportunities that go beyond the solution to that problem. The true strength of Brovedani is also the strength that has consistently made a crucial creative contribution to the development – and often to the worldwide success – of the key projects of its client companies. Specifically, it has consistently been the company’s ability to “look beyond”, thanks to its proactive capacity and its knack for thinking outside the box, which has led to the development of products such as a hypodermic pressure injector for treating diabetes, and represents the added value of innovation.


Measuring one’s creations. Measuring one’s errors. Measuring one’s production capacity. Measuring oneself against the challenge of space and time. Against the spontaneous need to offer real-time answers from a considerable distance and the prospect of making long-term investments. Measuring oneself against the production of millions of components. With precision down to the tenth of a micron. And with discards on the order of parts per million. For Brovedani “To be precise” means this and much more.

Or simply: progress, by measuring.


Brovedani is a “fluid company” with a solid foundation. Its ability to adapt to the dynamics of the market is nourished by its deep roots in Italy. Respect for its Italian identity is the key to its approach in other countries, where a partial process of delocalisation is in progress. Understanding each other is essential to understanding. And being is essential to becoming. The implementation of ongoing intercultural projects is essential for improving the universal language of knowledge.