Founding and early administration

In 1947, Silvio Brovedani, an enterprising mechanic with extraordinary talents, opens a small machine shop in the Pordenone area. …

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Relationship with Zanussi

In 1972, the company is taken over by Benito Zollia’s company who involves Felice Macuz. They set themselves the…

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New Brovedani applications in the defence sector and new clients

In 1975, Brovedani becomes leader in the production of components for tubular…

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Entry into the automotive industry

In 1978, Brovedani starts production of automotive components, such as the steering box for the Yugoslavian…

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Micro-mechanics with IBM and Olivetti

In 1980, a co-operation is formed, marking what becomes the “IBM decade”. Product co-design (hard-disk components),…

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Automotive and micro-mechanical components for IBM

In 1986, Brovedani begins direct co-operation with components manufacturers in the automotive Sector. In…

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New process technologies, ISO 9002 certification

In 1991, Brovedani establishes business relationships with European leaders in the manufacture of gasoline…

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Production decentralization and constant technological development

In 1995, the project for decentralization of production is implemented, bringing added value to…

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Leaders in Diesel Common Rail systems

In 1998, Brovedani obtains the QS 9000 certification for the San Vito plant. In…

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SAP, Process Management and new Technologies

In 2001, Brovedani is involved in the first on-line bids. The market growth generated…

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ISO TS 16949 Global certification

To better handle Brovedani’s powerful growth, the Group moves its Pisa factory to a larger,…

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New partnerships, new markets

At San Vito al Tagliamento, a new production site is opened which is mainly devoted to…

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A factory in the Eastern Europe


Brovedani expands its product mix thanks to a supply agreement with Sanden, a leading company…

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Keymec: a specialized training project

The Brovedani factory in Galanta also obtains ISO TS 16949 certification. Components for the Siemens…

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A factory in the North America


Brovedani Group and Reme (a Mexican company founded in 1965 with headquarters and production site…

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Brovedani Slovakia plant expansion

The expansion operations started on 2004 and on 2008 was built the first new production area. The end of construction activities…

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Brovedani Reme Mexico new building

In line with the expansion strategy of Brovedani Reme Mexico in the american market on…

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Leader in gasoline Direct Injection components


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