Announcement Date : Jan 1 , 1974

New Brovedani applications in the defence sector and new clients

In 1975, Brovedani becomes leader in the production of components for tubular electrical resistances. The factors which contributed to our success area include: unusual technologies such as peening, innovative ideas and dedicated production lines. In 1976, the company moves from Pordenone to its new headquarters in San Vito al Tagliamento. Brovedani purchases new production machines and acquires MZM, a company specializing in heat treatments. Its clients include Officine Meccaniche Goriziane in Gorizia, IRET in Trieste and Maddalena in Udine. In 1977, Brovedani enters into new applications for the defence sector by supplying the rocket flame-extinguishing nozzle to SNIA, according to the Military Standard regulations. spegnifiamma