Announcement Date : Jan 1 , 1980

Micro-mechanics with IBM and Olivetti

In 1980, a co-operation is formed, marking what becomes the “IBM decade”. Product co-design (hard-disk components), choice of production technologies, design and construction of specific production machines and computerized control systems are just some of the aspects that will become an integral part of Brovedani’s know-how. Micro-mechanics takes its first steps in 1981. Brovedani co-operates with MiniGears, leader in the production of mini-gears. In 1982, Brovedani co-designs an innovative photocopying machine with Olivetti. The San Vito plant supplies sophisticated components with electroless nickel plating. In 1983, Brovedani undertakes the challenge of the design and industrialization of a finished product: the hypodermic pressure injector with no-needle. In 1984, after becoming a supplier of IBM in Great Britain, the hard disk memory sector accounts for almost half of turnover. Brovedani needs to expand in order to meet demand and adopt new process technologies such as: electroless nickel plating, aluminium chromium-plating and electrochemical de-burring. In 1985, Brovedani’s expertise in cold blanking is highly appreciated. Important supplies are made to Verdichter, compressor manufacturer of the Electrolux-Zanussi Group.