Announcement Date : Jan 1 , 2001

SAP, Process Management and new Technologies

In 2001, Brovedani is involved in the first on-line bids. The market growth generated by the success of Diesel cars in  Europe, consolidates Brovedani as a supplier of components for injectors and high pressure pumps. New technologies are introduced, such as super-finishes for flat and cylindrical surfaces and digital imaging. Production of precision components for the Common Rail high-pressure injection pump, is moved from San Vito to Bari. The company outsourcing policy is strengthened with the implementation of the Eaton project at the Pisa plant. Finally, production capacities increase when the Depoisier-Gervex company (Marnaz-France) becomes part of the Group.  The firm is located in a region that is internationally known as “machine screw valley”.

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