Announcement Date : Jan 1 , 1986

Automotive and micro-mechanical components for IBM

In 1986, Brovedani begins direct co-operation with components manufacturers in the automotive Sector. In 1987, it forms a relationship with the German company, Buderus: the aim is to develop a sophisticated robot at a limited cost. In the same year it purchases an entire machining department from Landis and Gyr in outsourcing. In 1988, Brovedani starts supplying components to the IBM plant in Mainz, Germany. For two consecutive years, the company is awarded the IMB’s “Best Supplier” certificate. In the San Vito plant, departments are created for external grinding and threading, and the dimensional control process is automated. From 1989 onwards, the automotive sector plays a growing role in Brovedani’s business. This requires new investments in order to create specific automated lines. The production line for starter motor shafts, which includes lathes, rolling machines, induction hardening and grinding units, is one example. The role of the operator is limited to controls and servicing. In 1990, Brovedani builds a clean room to meet the requirements for absolute cleanliness of components for IBM computers. Brovedani installs the most sophisticated washing machines and the most advanced systems for checking for the presence of particles on the parts after the washing process. Brovedani designs these systems in co-operation with specialized companies.

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