2024 Calendar


Who Cares Wins is the title of the 2004 United Nations Report, in which the acronym ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) appears for the first time, recalling the three dimensions that must always be kept in mind for sustainable development: the economy through good Corporate Governance (G: Governance), must have a minimal impact on the environment (E: Environment) and meet the needs and dignity of People in Society (S: Society). Today, this approach is increasingly embedded in the culture of companies that share the reasons for sustainability. This includes Brovedani, which has thus decided to embark on a structured ESG path with the support of external partners. In doing so, however, it was immediately realized that the company had already set out on this path 'spontaneously' and for a long time. Indeed, the future can only be built on the foundations of a consolidated past: of values, of achievements, of ideas, of inspiring facts. The Calendar, therefore, in apparent countertendency with the proposed topics, takes a few steps back in time: it takes us back to themes and moments of yesterday that link us to an ESG tomorrow. A return to the future, therefore, deliberately represented with black and white photos: for the first time in 52 years of Brovedani calendars. Doing the old in a new way (or doing the new in an old way): that's innovation too!


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