Month June 2024

Month June 2024


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From Left:
Massimiliano Zollia, Alberto Ricci, Ivano Dreon, Sergio Barel, Renato Mascherin and Francesco De Luna

JUNE 25th, 2024

After growth in 2023 and a promising start to 2024, Brovedani Group is looking to the future with a new organization. Sergio Barel, current President and CEO, has seized this positive moment to step down from leading the Group. “A decision that concludes an exciting journey,” which began thirty-three years ago under the leadership of Eng. Benito Zollia, who led the company from 1972 to 2018. “I will bring the constructive experience gained at Brovedani to new professional activities, while maintaining existing institutional commitments.”

The transition was prepared with the management and Zollia Holding, the company that upholds the innovative spirit and values promoted by the Founder and is now chaired by Massimiliano Zollia: “We want to maintain in Brovedani that family business model that has distinguished us for over fifty years and continues to be a successful paradigm in many virtuous economies.”

On this basis, the change must be sustainable, fostering a generational transition in the spirit of continuity, both within the Group and in external relations with reference markets and stakeholders.

For the future of the company, Zollia Holding has proposed an organization led by two CEOs who have grown within the Group, with the aim of enhancing resources and skills already rooted in the Brovedani soil.

Francesco De Luna, with experience in the American group Arrow and the German group Bosch and twenty years at Brovedani, will be responsible for the value chain: Business Development and Operations.

Ivano Dreon, trained at Brovedani alongside and with the entrepreneurial philosophy of Eng. Zollia, will oversee Finance, Human Resources, and Compliance functions. Supporting the managers, Renato Mascherin will bring his veteran experience of Brovedani Group, becoming its President, with Massimiliano Zollia as Vice President.